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Salford City Academy’s students get fit to dance with Step Ahead Dance School

01 Oct 2013

Salford City Academy’s students get fit to dance with Step Ahead Dance School

On Saturday 27th September 2008, Emma Wimpeney, teacher at Step Ahead Dance School, co-ordinated a fabulous open day for Salford City Academy. This included a slot for our dancers, who wowed an audience of Salfordians with a string of dance routines from the musical ‘Grease’.

They performed in and amongst hot air balloon rides, Chinese lion dancing, freestyle breakdancers and the Red Hot Flames cheerleading squad, just some of the fantastic attractions the open day had to offer. It was a ‘feast of fun for the whole family’.

Natalie and the dancers regarded it as a great privilege to take part in the open day, as it was a chance to introduce children from Salford and around to what the NATD can provide children of all ages. Hopefully a glimpse of our professional show work will encourage children from further a-field to get involved in dancing.

The theme of the day was sport and ways of keeping fit in a fun and educational way. Dancing in particular is a great way to do this. It is exercise disguised as great fun with your friends – much better than a boring fitness regime in an impersonal gym. The energy and vitality of our dancers in the ‘Grease’ performances demonstrated this. They were having fun and show casing their hard work, whilst enjoying producing something impressive in front of an audience. Step Ahead invites you to get involved now!

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