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Kai gets a royal seal of approval

01 Oct 2013

Kai gets a royal seal of approval

Ten year old Kai Davey from Handforth has proved himself to be a real life Billy Elliot with his recent acceptance into The Royal Ballet School as a Junior Associate.

His proud parents, Warren and Lydia Davey, who have no background in ballet, still have to pinch themselves to believe what is happening. Lydia said: “Kai was introduced to ballet only two years ago at Step Ahead Dance School in Heald Green.

He went along to a few classes and one day his teacher came to me and said it would definitely be worth auditioning with local schools such as the Hammond, but we never realised Kai would be good enough to dance with The Royal Ballet, never mind audition for them.” Kai has been accepted into the Royal’s junior outreach programme, since his parents can remember, Kai has wanted to do nothing more than pursue his love nof dance and since walking through the doors at Step Ahead dance he has been able to do just that. “We are really grateful to Kai’s teacher Natalie for spotting such young talent. My husband and I believe that if you can connect with a child and give them the confidence to express themselves in a discipline like ballet then the results can only be positive,” commented Lydia.

“We are immensely proud of him,” Lydia said. “We will support and encourage him every step of the way. Kai just loves to dance he doesn’t walk from room to room he dances. We are so grateful for his introduction to dance and couldn’t ask for more. Natalie has a natural connection with the children She is a dancer who teaches not a teacher teaching dance – and there is a big difference. Her love for dance shines through and just like with Kai, she gets the best out of her pupils.”

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