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Grease is the word at Heald Green Festival 2008

01 Oct 2013

Grease is the word at Heald Green Festival 2008

Step Ahead dance school brightened up the tenth annual Heald Green festival at the village hall field with their performance from the smash hit musical ‘Grease’.

The younger girls danced a lyrical style to Olivia Newton John’s ballad ‘Hopelessly Devoted’, looking pretty in pink fifties style skirts. The medley also included an edgier ‘Go Greased Lightening’, with rolling car tyres, dynamic choreography and the ‘Greased lightening, go greased lightning’ arm moves that everyone in the audience could join in with.

‘Summer Lovin’’ also featured, and could have been taken straight out of the film. Guys and gals congregated on separate sides of the stage area, before partnering up to enact the famous ‘Summer dreams, ripped at the seams’ big finish. The sequence had a grand finale with ‘We go together’. The audience clearly enjoyed the revival of the classic songs and dance moves, dancing along and giving endless rounds of applause.

Principal of the Step Ahead said: “We are proud to be part of this fun day for the community each year and we hope we added that extra bit of sparkle to the village fete.”

It is organised by a committee including the Ratepayers’ Association and the Rotary Club of Wilmslow Dean. Projects like this are run by the people of Stockport for its residents and any money raised is put back into local organisations.

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